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Established in 2000, provide you the Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration services. Up-tech contractor’s weekly schedule and is the industry’s most trusted and utilized direct communications link to the Up-tech buyer. The NEWS assists the decision-makers in all branches of the Up-tech industry (residential, commercial, and industrial) with a variety of information including energy management and home energy solutions, the refrigeration cycle and refrigerant recovery, HVAC sales, and regulations, and many more. In addition to contractors, our readers include manufacturers, distributors, parts and supply wholesalers, and service companies, and their various departments.

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The major issue for clients is finding a professional technical team but now the UP TECH team solved this Issue and our expert trained technical stall will provide all your require services and solutions on your doorstep according to your satisfaction and expectations.


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Our team is a qualified technical expert to help households and businesses deal with all those heating, cooling, evaporation, and other jobs. that require urgent attention. We also offer pipe fitting and radiation systems. So, whether you are remodeling a house, office, commercial plaza, or simply require maintenance & repair, UP-TECH COMPANY is ready to service you. Our prices are affordable and competitive.