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Up-Tech Engineering is a high-end selling platform, is the new central heating and cooling in Pakistan industrial Internet platform, that provides users with high-quality intelligent products. For providing you the best technical stabilities at your place. Up-tech provides you best central heating and cooling system in Pakistan. It also represents a community ecology that allows users to be part of the whole product selling and delivery process. Here, anyone(brands) can become a seller and customize their own brands with the help of Up-tech engineering technical resources.

Boiler services


A combination boiler is high-efficiency hot water and central heating boiler. Often referred to as a ‘combi’ it runs on demand meaning it only heats…..VIEW MORE

heating and cooling services in Pakistan


When it comes to stunning looks, impressive performance and sheer dependability, the Up-Tech Engineering range of panel ….VIEW MORE

Radiator control service


Generally, one radiator should be left without a TRV and left permanently switched on, unless the boiler is fitted with a flow meter  …..VIEW MORE


Giacomni underfloor heating system is a heating system that utilizes low water temperature as the main means of thermal transmission. water…..VIEW MORE

heating and cooling services in Pakistan


Up-Tech Engineering offers an incredible range of high-quality design radiators and towel warmers that are guaranteed to be both functional and create …VIEW MORE

Cooling system


Desert Cooler has many benefits and advantages over other forms of cooling among these are.  It is one of the healthiest ways ….VIEW MORE

Up-Tech has sold more than a thousand products to its users, and the number of real-time online users has reached thousands in numbers. In 2018, up tech saw robust growth in income, reaching million, with a year-on-year increase of 70-75%. Up-Tech Engineering has delivered topped central heating and cooling system in Islamabad. These achievements have laid a solid foundation for the company to create its name. In the future, Up tech will work harder to make the best reputation by offering their client affordable central heating and cooling prices and cost. 

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In 2000 when this platform was initially launched, there was a huge demand for central heating and cooling air system, many brands paid attention to the quantity over quality of the product, at that time up tech set the business goal of to sell only “defect-free” products. The company improved employees’ professional level of quality management, thus creating the famous Pakistani brand in the central cooling and heating system with excellent quality.  The parties in the platform share values and achieve benefits in a self-organizing and self-driven manner. All stakeholders including employees, users, and social entrepreneurship teams can participate in the entire process of selling their products, with the resources of up tech platform flexibly and efficiently. 

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