Evaporative Air Cooling System

Evaporative AIr Cooling System in Pakistan. Kool Breeze Air Cooling System is one of the healthiest way to cool your home because it uses fresh air to replace the air in your home many times per hour . No more A.C Evaporative Air Cooling system is alternative of expensive AC in Pakistan. Very Effective, Low cost, low energy consumption, low noise, easy installation and easy maintenance. Application : Home, Office, Factory, School, Mosque, Warehouse, Hospital, Restaurant, Power Plant, Shopping Center, Hotel, etc. -Air flow 12000 CFM, 20000 CMH. -Effective area 1600 Sq Ft. -Power, 1500 watts. -Infrared Remote control LCD. -Multi option. Cool Air, Fresh Air & Exhaust. -Multi speed. -Auto Drain System. -90% Electric Bill Consumption. -Modern and Best Energy saving cooling system. Contact us for more information about Evaporative Air cooling sytem in pakistan. If you like the video Subscribe our Youtube Channel Aamir Sultan 0320-5660004 http://ute.com.pk/