Combi Heating Boilers


Combi Heating Boiler

Combi boilers contain all that expected to warm your radiators and convey high temp water to your taps in a single minimized unit, sparing significant space in the home as there is no requirement for a heated water chamber or water tanks in the loft.

A combi heater warms water in a flash when you turn on a hot tap. The water comes directly from the mains, so the stream rate at the tap is normally excellent. Furthermore, because it just warms the water you need, when you need it, it is incredibly energy proficient.

Combi boilers are especially reasonable for homes with one washroom, as the progression of heated water can be reduced if more than one hot tap is running at a time. A framework boiler might be more appropriate for homes with various washrooms, low mains water pressure, or popularity for high temp water. Your Gas Safe register heating designer can overview your property and encourage you on the most fitting boiler to suit your requirements.

Since the Building Regulations changed, known as Boiler Plus, all boiler establishments should incorporate a clock and room indoor regulator. Likewise, combi heater establishments should likewise include one of the accompanying additional energy proficiency measures

  • Climate pay
  • Burden pays
  • Vent gas heat recuperation


  • Electronic ignition and flame safeguard rectification
  • Eco-friendly. Low NOX emission level (NOx 2 and 3 class).
  • Coded digital information about possible
  • Exclusive just-in-time detection and flow variation monitoring
  • Automatic by-pass for single-pipe systems, or with thermostatic
  • Frost protection, enabling you to go without worrying about the chilly
  • Models for use with natural gas incorporate a gas pressure
  • Electrical Protection Level
  • Excellent modulation thanks to a fitted flow meter (combi models) managed by advance


  • Combi boilers with instant DHW High Domestic Hot Water delivery at a constant temperature. Exclusive Hydroplus and ATACSS systems.
  • HHH Comfort in DHW.
  • Heating Pressure It prevents the boiler from operating under pressure in the heating circuit.
  • Can be located between the kitchen.